Urban Muse Series: Not a Wall Flower

Photo 2014-09-15, 3 57 16 PM (HDR)

I wouldn’t call myself a wall flower. That’s for sure. Sitting on the sidelines and not engaging with people or taking action for the things you want in life – that is not who I am…

Photo 2014-09-15, 3 51 44 PMWhen it comes to life you can think in black and white: you are the product of the cumulative external influences – whether tragic events or undesirable people – and your identity is helpless against these forces; or you are defined by you and you alone.

Photo 2014-09-15, 3 55 08 PM

But life is not black and white. And thinking in such a way is going to get you no where. Life is somewhere in the muddled grey zone. You indeed the product of all those external forces, both good and bad, but you also have the agency to aspire to be whomever you desire to be. It is not an issue of either or, it is both – this is my outlook on life.

Photo 2014-09-15, 3 40 06 PM Photo 2014-09-15, 3 59 15 PM

I refuse to be a wallflower. I refuse to be helpless in the face of the many challenges that life throws at me. Life has given me many hardships, but adversity has made me stronger.


When your dreams are kicked down, dream bigger. When you are challenged, rise above it. Be someone you like and always aspire to be the best you can be. 


Outfit Details:

– Floral peplum top and shorts, BB Dakota
– Black Aritzia cap
– White leather Vans

Photography by Justin Vo


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