Final Blooms








The final blooms of the summer season have long passed but I get to keep them alive on my person with this awesome floral print dress (Zara) which Franny and I shot at the tail end of summer. Its definitely not a trend ‘of this season’ but you know what, once spring hits I can’t wait to revisit this dress. Just add a blazer and some cute booties and you should be good to go!

I’ve got some projects lined up that I’m excited to share with you all once I’m done.
Hint: guns, smoke, and sophisticated sexy. Stay tuned remember to stay #ladylike

The Lady

Outfit Details:

– Lace skirt – Spoof on Queen Street W
– Zara floral print dress
– Michael Kors watch
– Cecerre nude lace up heels, Jessica Simpson
– Heels – Steve Madden

Photography by Franny Alder, follow her on tumblr!


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