Eating Our Way Through the Big Apple


My favourite part about New York was the food. Street food galore! We ate our way through the big apple and I was the happiest hungry hungry caterpillar at the end of it. While in Little Italy we had the most delicious cannolis EVER at the Caffe Palermo. When the sign reads #1 Best Cannoli in New York, its not lying…


I wish we had time to have dinner in Little Italy. Next time we’re there, I cannot wait to stuff my face with some delicious pasta. But walking through the packed streets and seeing the colourful buildings – the type you see on t.v. – and eating whatever street food we could get our hands on was the biggest adventure.



Mmmm, empanadas.


Eventually we wandered into the winter market at Bryant Park and saw this arepa stand called TopArepa.  Arepa is a typical street food in Colombia and Venezuela, usually sold at fairs. Its a sweet corn patty with melted cheese and ingredients. The smell in the brisk park was just so amazing and it beckoned at our taste buds. I had never tried it before so we salivated over and bought our self a spinach and feta arepa. SO DELICIOUS!


The best part about traveling anywhere is absolutely, undoubtedly, the food. I can’t wait to eat our way around the world. Nom noms.


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