Military Mode: Olive


Olive military look shot by …


Two looks here with the same black and olive colour palette featured here.

In the first look, I asked myself ‘how would you wear a military styled outfit to work ? How do you pair the masculinity of the baggy military jacket?
The answer: cinch the waist!

I decided to do layers in this case, a crisp white blouse (Zara) underneath my baggy military jacket with lots of pockets (Only). I pulled the blouses sleeves out and rolled it up and over my jacket sleeves. Slipped on a black leather pencil skirt (Vero Moda) and made sure I cinched my waist. The objective was to make this look work for work. By pairing essential work pieces like the white blouse and pencil skirt with the baggy jacket that would otherwise be dismissed as too casual, this look was made to work especially because we defined the waist which more clearly defines your shape.

For the second look, I paired an olive faux leather front shift dress (Vijo Couture) with the same baggy military jacket (Only). I opted to not wear a belt this time to maintain the shape of the dress. I really like to do olive with black because the colours just work together, but pairing olive on olive more a monochrome look works well too. I love to add leather textures to the military look as well, it always pairs well.

What are your thoughts? How do you like to wear military inspired colours, shapes and textures?



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